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Monday, June 4, 2018

Dissecting the "Trump Surge"

Friends, today you can think of me as Santa Claus, bringing the gift of good cheer to all the well-behaved little boys and girls out in Trumpland.  My latest article is an expose of the "Trump surge", which has seen steady improvement in the polling numbers both for President Trump and Republicans in Congress since December 2017.  To be sure, I never counsel complacency, but we now have a golden opportunity to WIN in 2018, and this would really put the lefties on their heels.  Read on, and tell me your thoughts...


  1. Dr. Waddy: You have posited many solid reasons for the Real America to be optimistic over the upcoming election. I'd hate to be on the other side now; they must be getting that horrid sinking feeling which attends the realization that they may have messed up for all time and that they are headed for"history's ash heap".

  2. Jack, I think you may be exaggerating how in touch with reality leftists are... Ha! I have little doubt they will expect victory in November...until it doesn't happen. And then no doubt they will blame Russia!

  3. Dr. Waddy: I'll be very glad to be proven wrong on how leftists feel now. Their haughty assurance did them no good in 2016.

  4. Newbie question: Only Dr. Waddy can post stories here, correct? The public is invited to reply, but cannot generate its own stories, correct?

  5. Jack, I have long believed that the Left's isolation from reality, and its supreme contempt for the "morons" who dare oppose them, is in fact one of the greatest assets right-thinking people can count on. The Left is forever shooting itself in the foot. Long may their arrogance last, I say!

    Linda, welcome!!! It's wonderful to have you here. You're correct that currently I am the only one who can post articles, but, if you'd like to write something for the blog, by all means work with me and I'd be happy to include some content from "VIP readers" such as yourself.