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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Great Wall of Trump

Friends, was the much-maligned Omnibus Bill a Trojan Horse?  Could President Trump have a surprise in store for those who think they denied him the funds to build his wall on the border with Mexico?  Could Pentagon funds be used to build that wall?  Perhaps!  Read on:

In other news, remember all the scaremongering about President Trump's tariffs and trade sanctions?  We were told a trade war is inevitable, and the economy will tank.  Well, the tariffs and sanctions were always about gaining leverage over our trade partners and adversaries.  Today we got the first sign that, as per the New York Times, the strategy is working.  The lesson here is that standing up for America ISN'T MORONIC, after all.  Who would have guessed?  (You and me, that's who.)


  1. Dr. Waddy: Several factors come to mind; they may not make good legal arguments but they do have political import: The Dems thought they had won a signal victory and they were gloating. Check out Union General Pope after the first day at 2nd Manassas. He thought he had it won as expected and then,once he had Pope where he wanted him, Longstreet hit him like a ton of bricks. A player like Trump has all the necessary street fighter instincts to pull this off. "OK, ya think ya corraled me by sticking me with an omnibus bill? Yeah, keep thinkin that!" Everyone knows the Dems would do the same thing in his place; we also know they oppose the wall because they know it will work and deny them millions of votes. This President is an hombre! Gee, a businessman with acumen for business, who'd a thunk it (except for the real America in 2016).

  2. Jack, I agree that Trump is WAY smarter and savvier than most people think, but getting your way in DC is always excruciatingly difficult. My guess is that the insiders are trying to talk him out of using Pentagon funds to build the Wall as we speak... My advice to Trump: tell 'em to take a flying leap, and BUILD IT ANYWAY!

  3. Dr.Waddy I hope that what he does. He's the Commander in Chief and it is a national security issue.

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