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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Trump-Russia Hoax Never Dies

Friends, you may be concerned about the indictments of Paul Manafort and Richard Gates that were issued this week by the Special Prosecutor investigating Trump-Russia "collusion".  Well, don't lose any sleep over them.  The substance of the charges has nothing to do with collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and it has absolutely nothing to do with President Trump himself.  The purpose of these charges is to capture headlines and to put pressure on Trump associates to give Mueller what he wants (dirt on Trump)...or else!  In reality, though, Mueller's case against Manafort appears to be weak, and in any case whatever nuisance charges Mueller contrives to press, President Trump has the pardon power to quash them, if need be.  Now, maybe Manafort is a sleazebag.  Stranger things have happened.  In that case, he deserves justice.  The bottom line, however, is that, lacking evidence to support their broader conspiracy theories, all the left has is threats, bluff, and spin.  Unfortunately, sometimes that's enough.  Should Mueller be fired?  Probably that would be counterproductive.  If you want my opinion, though, Trump should fire Rod Rosenstein, who is the Deputy Attorney General who brought us the Special Prosecutor in the first place.  He also gave Mueller his exceedingly vague mandate, which ensured that he could investigate Trump and friends for anything and everything, but that he wouldn't dream of prying into any Democratic scandals, corruption, "collusion", or miscellaneous malfeasance.  The terms of this inquiry are indeed an outrage, and the Obama administration's, the DNC's, and the Clinton campaign's subversion of the justice system and the intelligence community in order to blacken the name of their political adversaries ought, by rights, to be the bigger story, and the real focus of any Special Prosecutor.  Alas, such is not the case.  Anyway, to get you up to speed on the significance of the latest developments, I recommend these two excellent analyses:

Oh, and Happy Halloween!  Don't let those ghoulish lefties give you a fright...


  1. Dr. Waddy: I'm reminded of Charles Schumer sneering that the impeachment process, in which approx. 60% of Congress voted to unseat Slick Willy (if you vote for impeachment, its probable you are for conviction), was ridiculous and should be dispensed with immmediately. Al Gore was available and Clinton had denied a U.S. citizen her day in court but the Dems went to the wall for Willy anyway, to their everlasting disgrace. These are the people who hope to use this situation to destroy President Trump; they are completely lacking in moral authority and I think the common sense majority knows it and will support whatever measures are taken to yield real justice.

  2. I should have said, "the impeachment and trial process". Jack

  3. To be sure, the "case" against Trump is utterly political, but my one reservation in agreeing with you is that the phrase "common sense majority" MIGHT be an oxymoron...

  4. Dr.Waddy: Its a phrase I use alot; I will reconsider it. Thanx.

  5. Now now -- the last thing I would want to do is monkey with your exquisite vocabulary, Jack. :) I didn't say there WASN'T a common sense majority. I just have my doubts, and even common sense can be drowned out by relentless propaganda. Witness the fact that Trump's disapproval numbers are above 50%. The only reason for that, I feel, is the constant hit pieces the media concocts...