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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Has the media lost touch with reality when it comes to President Trump? Survey says...YES!

In my inaugural post to this forum, I would like to draw readers' attention to an important Harvard study recently released that confirms what any rational person already knows: the mainstream media is overwhelmingly liberal, is biased against conservatives, and is almost apoplectic with rage when it comes to Donald Trump.  To make a long story short, the study confirms that media coverage of Trump has been significantly more hostile than that which a typical Republican President would receive.  If one compares the media's attitude to Trump to, say, its attitude to President Obama, the contrast is even more stark.  Now, how can the media be trusted to provide the American people (or consumers of news overseas) with accurate information and analysis, when it starts every day with the assumption that Trump is evil and must be stopped?  Simply put, it can't be trusted at all.  It will report any story, no matter how petty or fabricated, if it helps to advance the narrative of Trump's wickedness.  Personally, I don't plan to give up on the mainstream media, since even its deliberate falsehoods are "newsworthy" on a certain level (it pays, after all, to know how the enemy thinks), but increasingly one cannot expect even the smallest degree of professionalism from these leftist hacks.  "Journalistic integrity" has always been something of a contradiction in terms, but the depths to which the U.S. news media has sunk are truly sad.  The miracle, of course, is that, even after almost two years of consistent media assaults, Trump is still standing, and more than that...he's the President of the United States!  No more convincing proof could be offered of the inherent (though hardly infinite) wisdom of the American people.

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